This article corrects:

  1. A critical revision of the estimation of the latent heat flux from two-wavelength scintillometry Volume 139, Issue 676, 1912–1922, Article first published online: 17 January 2013

The article by Ward et al. (2013) contained an error in the formula for Aq in Table 2 on page 1916.

The corrected table appears below:

Table 2. Simplified forms of the temperature and humidity structure parameter coefficients for optical and millimetre wavelengths, in terms of specific humidity.
 equation imageequation image
Opticalequation imageequation image
 equation image 
Millimetre-wave equation image equation image
 equation image  

Using this notation At and Aq have the same form for both wavelength regions, with the b-coefficients containing the wavelength (in µm) and temperature dependence. For optical regions bt1,bt2 and bq2 depend on wavelength: for λopt = 0.880 µm, bt1 = 0.781 × 10−6 K Pa−1 and bt2 = bq2 = −0.124 × 10−6 K Pa−1 (to three significant figures); for millimetre wavelengths bt1 is constant, bt2 and bq2 depend on temperature.