The MOGREPS short-range ensemble prediction system



The Met Office has recently introduced a short-range ensemble prediction system known as MOGREPS. This system consists of global and regional ensembles, with the global ensemble providing the boundary conditions and initial-condition perturbations for the regional ensemble. Perturbations to the initial conditions are calculated using the ensemble transform Kalman filter, which is a computationally-efficient version of the ensemble Kalman filter. Model uncertainties are represented in the system through a series of schemes designed to tackle the structural and subgrid-scale sources of model error.

This paper describes the set-up of the system, and provides justification for the initial-condition and model perturbation schemes chosen. An outline of the structure of the perturbations generated by the system is presented, along with performance results, including verification from case studies and routine running.

MOGREPS has been on trial within the operational suite at the Met Office since August 2005. On 20 October 2006 it was decided that this system should be made fully operational, with implementation expected in summer 2008. Results show a good performance. The regional ensemble is more skilful than the global ensemble, and compares favourably to the ECMWF ensemble for the forecast variables examined in this study. © Crown Copyright 2008. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland. Published by John Wiley & Sons,Ltd