The oxford expedition to North East Land, 1935-36. General meteorology


  • R. A. Hamilton B.A.


The Expedition maintained a station for a year at 80° 23′ N. 19° 31′ E. on the NTIV. coast of North East Land, and other stations for shorter periods on the west coast and on the ice cap in the interior of the country.

This paper gives monthly means and extreme values of the usual meteorological elements, as observed a t these various stations together with a general comparison between them.

Although there is reason to believe that the winter was an unusually mild one, the observations seem t o disprove the tradition of continual gales, a wind velocity of 12 to 14 m.p.h. being maintained during the dark time. Sudden large fluctuations in temperature occurred in the winter and spring, changes of 30° F. being recorded in one day. In spite of the high latitude, temperatures above 15° F. were recorded during every month of the year. An almost constant feature of the summer weather was the mist which enveloped the ice-cap station (1,700 ft.) and which was usually observed about 300 ft. up on the hills near the Base Camp.