Meteorological observations of the British East Greenland expedition, 1935-36, at Kangerdlugssua, 68° 10′ n., 31° 44′ w.



Systematic and detailed meteorological observations were maintained by the British East Greenland Expedition, 1935-36, under the leadership of L. R. Wager. The expedition's coastal base was at Kangerdlugssuak (68° 10′ N.) in a region, previously little known, which is of distinct meteorological interest. The records have been discussed in some detail and compared with those of Danish stations, and those of a previous Norwegian expedition; the courtesy and help of the Danish and Norwegian authorities is gratefully acknowledged. The British observations, reduced and tabulated, are available at the Royal Metcorological Society; summaries only are appended here, by reason of lack of space. Conclusions are reached with regard to the meteorological characteristics of the region, notably the occurrence of fjord gales and precipitation. It is hoped that the general discussion of this excellent set of observations will be of value to others working on the problems 01 Greenland meteorology. Maps and photographs will be found, accompanying the general account of the espedition, in the Geographical Journal, Vol. 90, November, 1937.