Exploring process capability with Mathematica



Several methods for estimating, assessing and monitoring process capability are illustrated using the software package Mathematica 7 (Mathematica 7. Wolfram Media: Champaign, IL, 2009). Graphical techniques that allow assessment of the underlying distributional properties of the process data as well as process capability are presented and illustrated. Several new conventions are proposed that attempt to provide insights into the process with diagnostic tools useful for, but not limited to the manufacturing sector. Several estimation and inferential techniques for the more common indices are presented with tools for determining associated values and the resulting inferences. This notebook is best viewed using Mathematica 7 or Mathematica Player 7. Mathematica Player 7 is a free download available at www.Wolfram.com/products/player/ that allows all features of the notebook to be viewed. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.