• quality control;
  • statistical process control;
  • control chart;
  • time between events;
  • CUSUM chart;
  • steady-state ATS;
  • average loss


This article proposes an integrated scheme (T&TCUSUM chart) which combines a Shewhart T chart and a TCUSUM chart (a CUSUM-type T chart) to monitor the time interval T between the occurrences of an event or the time between events. The performance studies show that the T&TCUSUM chart can effectively improve the overall performance over the entire T shift range. On average, it is more effective than the T chart by 26.66% and the TCUSUM chart by 14.12%. Moreover, the T&TCUSUM chart performs more consistently than other charts for the detection of either small or large T shifts, because it has the strength of both the T chart (more sensitive to large shifts) and the TCUSUM chart (more sensitive to small shifts). The implementation of the new chart is almost as easy as the operation of a TCUSUM chart. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.