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Modelling a maintenance management framework based on PAS 55 standard



This article shows the process of modelling a reference maintenance management framework (MMF) that represents the general requirements of the asset management specification PAS 55. The modelled MMF is expressed using the standardized and publicly available Business Process Modelling (BPM) languages UML 2.1 (Unified Modelling Language) and BPMN 1.0 (BPM Notation). The features of these notations allow to easily integrate the modelled processes into the general information system of an organization and to create a flexible structure that can be quickly and even automatically adapted to new necessities. This article presents a brief review about the usage of UML in maintenance projects, general characteristics of PAS 55, modelling concepts and their applications in the project of modelling the MMF. The arguments underlying the methodology and the choice of UML and BPMN are exposed. The general architecture of the suggested MMF is described and modelled through diagrams elucidating the general operation of PAS 55. From this development is appreciated the operation structure of a software tool that can incorporate MIMOSA standards and that can be made suitable for e-maintenance functions, as an alternative to the commercial systems. Finally, some conclusions about the modelled framework are presented. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.