A Proactive Operational Framework for Business Continuity in the Semiconductor Industry


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Prolonged disruption due to a man-made crisis or a natural disaster could result in the loss of vital corporate assets or market share. To protect the organization and ensure the survival of the business, a comprehensive contingency plan is necessary. Some unique characteristics of the semiconductor industry are its equipment and its technological and capital-intensive investments. As with any other industry, the uninterrupted provision of products and services to clients should be considered the key priority of the semiconductor industry. In this regard, this paper presents a systematic and proactive operational framework for the semiconductor industry to effectively anticipate, resist, and recover from disasters. The framework is composed of three phases: emergency response team, crisis management, and business continuity plan. The contents of these phases are discussed, and related workable procedures and measures are recommended to practitioners to ensure that organizations can continue to operate in the most adverse situations and thus remain viable and profitable during and after the crisis. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.