Reliability Data Analysis for Life Test Designed Experiments with Sub-Sampling


Correspondence to: Laura J. Freeman, Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, VA 22311.



The ability to model lifetime data from life test experiments is of paramount importance to all manufacturers, engineers and consumers. The Weibull distribution is commonly used to model the data from life tests. Standard Weibull analysis assume completely randomized designs. However, not all life test experiments come from completely randomized designs. Experiments involving sub-sampling require a method for properly modeling the data. We provide a Weibull nonlinear mixed models (NLLMs) methodology for incorporating random effects in the analysis. We apply this methodology to a reliability life test on glass capacitors. We compare the NLLMs methodology to other available methods for incorporating random effects in reliability analysis. A simulation study reveals the method proposed in this paper is robust to both model misspecification and increasing levels of variance on the random effect. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.