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Adapting the Hypervolume Quality Indicator to Quantify Trade-offs and Search Efficiency for Multiple Criteria Decision Making Using Pareto Fronts



When choosing a best solution based on simultaneously balancing multiple objectives, the Pareto front approach allows promising solutions across the spectrum of user preferences for the weightings of the objectives to be identified and compared quantitatively. The shape of the complete Pareto front provides useful information about the amount of trade-off between the different criteria and how much compromise is needed from some criterion to improve the others. Visualizing the Pareto front in higher (3 or more) dimensions becomes difficult, so a numerical measure of this relationship helps capture the degree of trade-off. The traditional hypervolume quality indicator based on subjective scaling for multiple criteria optimization method comparison provides an arbitrary value that lacks direct interpretability. This paper proposes an interpretable summary for quantifying the nature of the relationship between criteria with a standardized hypervolume under the Pareto front (HVUPF) for a flexible number of optimization criteria, and demonstrates how this single number summary can be used to evaluate and compare the efficiency of different search methods as well as tracking the search progress in populating the complete Pareto front. A new HVUPF growth plot is developed for quantifying the performance of a search method on completeness, efficiency, as well as variability associated with the use of random starts, and offers an effective approach for method assessment and comparison. Two new enhancements for the algorithm to populate the Pareto front are described and compared with the HVUPF growth plot. The methodology is illustrated with an optimal screening design example, where new Pareto search methods are proposed to improve computational efficiency, but is broadly applicable to other multiple criteria optimization problems. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.