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Control Charts For Monitoring The Weibull Shape Parameter Based On Type-II Censored Sample



In this paper, a new statistic is proposed to monitor the Weibull shape parameter when the sample is type II censored. The one-sided and two-sided average run length-unbiased control charts are derived based on the new monitoring statistic. The control limits of the proposed control charts depend on the sample size, the failure number and the false alarm rate. Using Monte Carlo simulation, the performance of the proposed control charts is studied and compared with the range-based charts proposed by Pascual and Li (2012), which is equivalent to the proposed control charts when r = 2. The simulation results show that the proposed control charts perform better than the ones of Pascual and Li (2012). This paper also evaluates the effects of parameter estimation on the proposed control charts. Finally, an example is used to illustrate the proposed control charts. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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