Integrated Informatics in Life and Materials Sciences: An Oxymoron?



The pharmaceutical and chemical industries are facing significant internal and external pressure to boost the experimental efficiency and effectiveness by cutting the direct research costs and reducing the time to market for new sustainable products. Other key issues to secure a competitive return on investment are to enable the rescue of stalled product development projects, abort failing projects early, enhance collaborative multidisciplinary ventures, and ensure an effectual risk management and cost savings through safety testing and failure analysis. Typically, modern organizations rely on a variety of informatics solutions from well-established software vendors. These typically operate on different platforms and are controlled by different management systems using different data types and proprietary formats. Maintaining, integrating, updating and monitoring these powerful, but disparate, ensembles of tools, are an intricate and expensive operation. We present the concept of the Enterprise Discovery Planning (EDP) software platform design to facilitate the optimization of discovery activities at an enterprise level. We also briefly present how Inforsense addresses these issues.