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Structural connotations of bioactivity in a series of organophosphinates



Pretreatment before exposure is one of the options for temporarily protecting persons liable to exposure to toxic organophosphorus compounds in agricultural or warfare situations. It is known that organophosphinates interact with neuronal cholinesterases, but that the latter may spontaneously reactivate in time. Before that reactivation, the enzyme is protected against comlexation with organophosphates. In this study, geometrically optimized unitary molecular indices, i.e., the molecular transforms, FTm, FTe, and FTc, indicating general, electronic, and charge properties, respectively, and the analogous normalized molecular moments, Mn, Me, and Mc, were calculated for a number of phosphinates. These indices were subsequently used in correlation trials with spontaneous reactivation percentages at specific elapsed times, as well as in clustering procedures, to evaluate the effect of structure variations on the reactivation percentages. The results of these studies are discussed, as is the effect of the octanol/water partition coefficient on the noted bioactivity. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J Quantum Chem, 2005