Cover Image, Volume 112, Issue 21


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Aztec symbolism and quantum mechanical concepts are mixed to celebrate the Mexican Theoretical Physical Chemistry Meetings (RMFQT). Two snakes connected by an alligator represent the uncertainly principle of quantum mechanics by contrasting high and low dispersion of the wave packet in momentum and coordinate spaces with the two overlapping circles suggesting a Fourier transform. The large central circle contains symbols indicating heat, momentum and mass transfers as composed of a collection of events and thus related to statistical mechanics. The pictograph in the center of the circle connects to thermodynamics. The red circle and the glyph in the upper left corner enumerate part one of this special issue and the year 2012 of publication. A more detailed cover description by the artist, Renato Lemus, a theoretical chemist at the Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, can be found at the RMFQT site: