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Molecule-adapted basis sets optimized with a quantum Monte Carlo method



The Monte Carlo simulated annealing method is adapted to optimize correlated Gaussian-type functions in nonrelativistic molecular environments. Starting from an atom-centered atomic Gaussian basis set, the uncontracted functions are reoptimized in the molecular environments corresponding to the H2O, CN, N2, CO, BF, NO+, CO2, and CS systems. These new molecular adapted basis sets are used to calculate total energies, harmonic vibrational frequencies, and equilibrium geometries at a correlated level of theory. The present methodology is a simple and effective way to improve molecular correlated wave functions, without the need to enlarge the molecular basis set. Additionally, this methodology can be used to generate hierarchical sequences of molecular basis sets with increasing size, which are relevant to establish complete basis set limits. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.