Robotic application in epilepsy surgery


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Epilepsy surgery is cost-effective and dependent on patient selection, localization and meticulous technique. We report the use of a new robotic system in this surgery for the first time.


The brain is imaged for both image guidance and robotic application. The robot uses CT-visible reflective fiducials. Registration is performed by image-guided surgery (IGS) system and the robot. The robot is used to insert depth electrodes for intra-operative epileptic focus localization and to localize the temporal horn.


This technique was used in three patients; the catheter tip was found in the temporal horn in all cases and saved considerable operating time compared to previous experience.


It is therefore feasible to use the robot to localize the temporal horn and place depth electrodes during epilepsy surgery with greater precision and consistency and potential time savings. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.