Getting remedial action plans approved by state agencies


  • Thomas K. Maurer

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    • Thomas K. Maurer is a member of the Orlando, Florida, office of Foley & Lardner. He has over 14 years' experience in the environmental field, specializing in hazardous waste, Superfund, storage tanks, ground-water protection, and air pollution. Before joining Foley & Lardner, be served as Deputy General Counsel with the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation. He is a frequent author and lecturer on environmental laws and issues.


Thousands of contaminated sites around the country never get caught in the sticky web of Superfund. Instead, they are handled by state environmental agencies under state environmental laws and rules. Generally speaking, state environmental programs appear to function much more efficiently than Superfund. But even though they are easier to work with than Superfund, state contamination cleanup programs can still be daunting. This article offers some points and suggestions for making the state process work smoothly and efficiently.