• cities;
  • disaster risk reduction;
  • local governments;
  • ten essentials;
  • local government self-assessment tool

Disaster risk reduction has been the call of the hour with the increasing incidences of disasters across the world and Local Governments are the first line of response and defense to disasters. With a number of other projects and initiatives functioning across the world, “Making Cities Resilient—My city is getting ready” is one of the recent and most important international disaster risk reduction campaigns initiated by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction along with other partners. The campaign provides a self-assessment tool to the Local Governments that can help them in identifying their gaps and challenges. The main aim of this paper is to critically analyze the Local Government Self-Assessment Tool and the indicators (derived from Hyogo Framework for Action) formulated in this campaign and provide suggestion for improvement in it. Anomalies have been observed in the questionnaire and it can be interpreted that the question indicators mainly aimed at the access of financial resources, thus overlooking the social aspects of the vulnerable and affected population. The paper emphasized the assessment of the answers to the questions to be more quantitative than being qualitative, which will assist the decision makers in effective policy planning and management.