• uncertain nonlinear system;
  • linear matrix inequality(LMI);
  • sliding surface;
  • variable structure system (VSS);
  • switching feedback control


We propose a robust sliding control design method for uncertain Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy models. The uncertain fuzzy systems under consideration have mismatched parameter uncertainties in the state matrix and external disturbances. We make the first attempt to relax the restrictive assumption that each nominal local system model shares the same input channel, which is required in the traditional VSS-based fuzzy control design methods. We derive the existence conditions of linear sliding surfaces guaranteeing the asymptotic stability in terms of constrained LMIs. We present an LMI characterization of such sliding surfaces. Also, an LMI-based algorithm is given to design the switching feedback control term so that a stable sliding motion is induced in finite time. Finally, we give two simulation results to show the effectiveness of the proposed method. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.