• high-order sliding mode control;
  • uncertain systems;
  • terminal sliding mode;
  • adaptive control;
  • robustness


High-order sliding mode control techniques are proposed for uncertain nonlinear SISO systems with bounded uncertainties based on two different terminal sliding mode approaches. The tracking error of the output converges to zero in finite time by designing a terminal sliding mode controller. In addition, the adaptive control method is employed to identify bounded uncertainties for eliminating the requirement of boundaries needed in the conventional design. The controllers are derived using Lyapunov theory, so the stability of the closed-loop system is guaranteed. In the first technique, the developed procedure removes the reaching phase of sliding mode and realizes global robustness. The proposed algorithms ensure establishment of high-order sliding mode. An illustrative example of a car control demonstrates effectiveness of the presented designs. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.