On absolute (robust) stability: slope restrictions andstability multipliers


Vl. Răsvan, Department of Automatic Control, University of Craiova, A. I. Cuza Str. No. 13, RO-200585 Craiova, Romania.

E-mail: vrasvan@automation.ucv.ro


Absolute stability for systems with several sector-restricted and slope-restricted nonlinearities is studied in this paper. A critical analysis of the multipliers is performed and the multipliers of Yakubovich type are chosen because the stability inequality is obtained with a minimum of technical assumptions. The main part of the paper is devoted to obtaining the Yakubovich-type criterion in the unified context of stable, critical, and unstable cases for the linear part. The paper is motivated by the problem of pilot in-the-loop oscillations of the aircrafts where critical and unstable cases appear and the saturation nonlinearity is both sector and slope restricted. The paper contains some applications of the frequency domain inequalities. The conclusions show a ‘parsimony principle’: using as few free parameters as possible to obtain the largest possible domain of stability. The paper ends with conclusions and hints for further development. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.