• robust control;
  • sliding mode control;
  • quantization;
  • input nonlinearity


This paper is concerned with the quantized output feedback stabilization problem for a class of uncertain systems with nonsmooth nonlinearities in the actuator device via sliding mode control schemes. It is assumed that system signals are quantized before being transmitted through communication channels. First, a dynamical compensator is developed to estimate unmeasurable system state. Then a sliding surface, in the augmented space using the system output and the estimated state, is proposed, and an adaptive sliding mode control scheme with a static adjustment law of the quantization parameter is established. It is shown that the proposed quantized feedback control strategy is able to tackle parameter uncertainty, external disturbances, and nonsymmetric input nonlinearity simultaneously and guarantees the reachability of the sliding modes of the uncertain system. Finally, an example is given to verify the validity of the theoretical results. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.