• fuzzy systems;
  • quantization;
  • packet dropout;
  • zoom strategy


The discrete-time and continuous-time fuzzy systems with quantization and packet dropout are considered in this paper. The quantizer used here is a uniform one with arbitrary quantization regions, and the packet dropout process is modeled as a time-homogenous Markov process. Because of the properties of packet dropout process, the fuzzy systems considered here are seen as Markov jump fuzzy systems, and the theories of Markov jump system are used to discuss the mean square stability of the closed-loop systems. On the basis of the zoom strategy and Lyapunov theory, for the given failure rate and recovery rate, sufficient conditions are given for the closed-loop fuzzy systems to be mean square stable, and the feedback controllers are designed to ensure the stability of fuzzy systems. A single link direct joint driven manipulator model is presented to show the effectiveness of the main results. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.