• flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle;
  • high-order sliding mode control;
  • adaptive control;
  • dynamic sliding mode control;
  • finite-time stability


The problem of tracking control for a longitudinal air-breathing hypersonic vehicle model with flexible effects and intricate couplings between the engine dynamics and flight dynamics is investigated in this paper. In order to overcome the analytical intractability of this model, a simplified model is constructed during the feedback controller design. High-order dynamic sliding mode control is proposed to force the velocity and altitude of the flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (FAHV) to the desired reference commands in finite time. In addition, the adaptive control method is employed to identify bounded uncertainties for eliminating the requirement of boundaries needed in the robust controller design and to guarantee the property of finite time stability without information of upper bound of uncertainties. Finally, simulations are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the control strategies.Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.