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“The Kind Peace of Mind Culture” Improves Patient Satisfaction


  • Rebecca Seeber RN



Following the theory that when patients know the nurse is coming at a predictable and frequent sequence, their anxiety is assuaged, the goal of “The Kind Peace of Mind Culture” model was to achieve the same outcome in terms of patient satisfaction and decreased call lights in an efficient and less labor intensive manner.


In this study, a new model was developed that would increase the amount of nurse touches to the patient and using helpful scripting will increase the patient's perception of the nurse's presence on a regular basis.

Results and Discussion

The sample setting was a 24-bed case mix of a Sub Acute and Acute Rehabilitation unit. Data were collected before and after implementation results that indicate the frequency of call lights decreased and patient satisfaction scores increased.


Findings for this project support the use of “The Kind Peace of Mind Culture” model to meet patient care needs in rehabilitation settings.