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Sub Acute Gastric Residuals Elimination Change Project




The practice of checking gastric residual volumes (GRV) for patients receiving enteral tube feedings has long been a tradition in nursing based on the concern that large residuals would increase the risk of aspiration and pneumonia. However, a review of the literature suggests that the practice of checking GRV is not a reliable method for assessing risk for aspiration. We conducted a study in our adult Sub Acute Unit to determine whether it was necessary to continue routine monitoring of GRV.


A retrospective chart review was conducted that included 15 patients who had received G-tube enteral feedings as their primary source of nutrition for a period of 1 year.


Over 10,000 GRV were reviewed, with no instance of aspiration or pneumonia found.

Conclusions and Clinical Relevance

This resulted in the decision to change our facility's policy, eliminating routine GRV checks, saving over 3 hours of nursing time per patient, per week with no deleterious effects.