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Examining the Cost Per Caregiver of an Intervention Designed to Improve the Quality of Life of Spousal Caregivers of Stroke Survivors


  • Eva K. Parker MS MPH,

  • J. Michael Swint PhD,

  • Kyler M. Godwin PhD MPH,

  • Sharon K. Ostwald PhD RN

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Background and Purpose

There is a growing consensus among healthcare researchers that, within the field of family caregiving, cost-effectiveness research is needed to determine which programs have the greatest benefit for family members. This study examines the cost per caregiver of an intervention designed to improve the quality of life of spousal caregivers of stroke survivors.


Cost data from the CAReS study were analyzed to determine the cost of the intervention per caregiver.


The cost of the intervention per caregiver was $2,500 at the 2009 median wage estimate. It was $1,700 at the 2009 10 percentile wage estimate and $3,500 at the 2009 90 percentile wage estimate.


This study provides a prototype cost analysis from which researchers can build. In future analyses, costs should be tracked at a participant level so uncertainty can be calculated using the bias-corrected percentile bootstrapping method and plotted to calculate cost-effectiveness acceptability curves, enabling cost-effectiveness comparisons between interventions.