• cell wall;
  • middle lamella;
  • scanning electron microscopy;
  • stereo micrographs


Scanning electron microscopy examination was conducted on osmotically dehydrated tissues of apple, banana, and potato. High-quality stereo images and surface parameters were recorded from two sets of samples: fresh samples and osmotically dehydrated samples for each material studied. Scanning electron microscopy micrographs revealed that osmotic treatment had a significant effect on the structural properties (cell wall, middle lamella) for the different plant materials. The intercellular spaces were larger for materials treated at higher temperature (55°C) and higher concentration of sucrose solution (70%). The cell wall and middle lamella observed in Golden Delicious apple appeared larger than those in Cox apple, banana, and potato, and probably contributed to the observed descending order of water loss and solid gain as: Golden Delicious > Cox > potato > banana.