With the demand for quality quantitative instruments in the field of science education rising, additional measures of currently unassessed affective variables need to be constructed. In this study, we discuss the survey creation and evaluation process of the STEM Awareness Community Survey (SACS) through an application of Liu's (2010) framework for developing and using new affective instruments in science education. Liu's (2010) survey development framework uses Rasch measurement methods in survey evaluation to ensure a psychometrically sound measure is created. In surveying K-12 teachers, community business members, and higher education faculty through two iterative pilot studies, a unidimensional construct of STEM awareness and support was empirically established after misfitting items were removed and scale modifications were made. Further instructions on how to use results produced from the SACS are provided, so that even those with no or limited knowledge of Rasch analysis could use the instrument and interpret their findings with respect to the construct of STEM awareness and support.