Edutainment, learning and system dynamics


  • Paul A. Langley,

    1. London Management Centre, University of Westminster, 35 Maryle-bone Road, London NW1 5LS, U.K.
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    • Paul Langley is a Senior Lecturer in the London Management Centre at the University of Westminster where he teaches courses on Strategic Modelling. He received an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University, and an MBA and PhD from London Business School. His research interests include the evaluation of the impact of new information technologies on individual and team learning. He is currently focusing on the effect of online cognitive feedback on managerial performance and learning in complex simulated systems.

  • Erik R. Larsen

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    • Erik Larsen is a Research Fellow at the London Business School. He obtained his PhD from the Institute of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and an MSc from the Technical University of Denmark. He has published in the areas of system dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, energy regulation and privatization.


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