• cloud services;
  • privacy preserving;
  • data storage;
  • multi-agents;
  • Petri nets


This paper examines the privacy awareness and importance of user's secrecy preserving in current ubiquitous cloud computing world. Data stored in the cloud have highly sensitive information. Once the private information gets misused, the probability of privacy breaching increases, which thereby reduces user's trust on cloud providers. In the emerging cloud service-based internet world, user's information management is a most decisive task. Information stored in the cloud by the finance, healthcare and government sectors makes it all the more challenging because such tasks are to be handled globally. The present scenario therefore demands a new Petri net privacy preserving framework for safeguarding user's privacy and providing consistent and breachless services from the cloud. This is carried out by designing Petri net privacy preserving framework and mitigating privacy using proposed synchronization, sequential, concurrency and conflicts technique. Synchronization, sequential, concurrency and conflicts technique adopts the Petri net model in which employs multi-agent-based privacy preserving cohesion technique for handling multiple tasks to prevent the user private information. The proposed technique conveys and collaborates with leading cloud providers to develop, validate, promote, adapt and also increase the need for privacy, flexibility and availability without affecting the performance of cloud service providers and consumers. It acts as an information preserving guard for high secrecy data storage areas. This paper summarizes with few directives towards future research. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.