Design of secure access control scheme for personal health record-based cloud healthcare service



With the development of information technology and medical technology, many developed countries have established organizations to develop electronic medical standards in response to apply the development of technology information, and they gradually develop the emerging patterns of personal health records (PHRs). PHR can integrate different kinds of health information and can offer the integrity and accuracy of personal health and medical records. Using the cloud computing environment to implement the PHR system; we can decrease the infrastructure management costs, adjusting the dynamic resources immediately on the basis of the changes of client's demand and other advantages. To assure that the security information in cloud computing environment is important to users, this paper provides efficient and safe access managing mechanism to solve PHR implement on cloud environment's security problem, avoiding possibility that the information security being threatened in the Cloud may lead to the collapse of medical care, patients' stolen data, loss of personal privacy, and financial or other serious consequences. This paper presents bilinear pairing that was constructed in the cloud computing environment of the new PHR access control mechanism, which suited for deploying a large-scale and multiple identities of users, and users are safe and efficient in accessing the PHR information. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.