• WiMax planning;
  • ICS telecom;
  • WiMax security;
  • IPSec;
  • Qualnet


In the communication sector, the optimal objective is to equate quality and cost. The technologies that best serve these objectives are Wireless Access Technologies since they are easily deployed and capable of reaching and serving customers everywhere in a cost effective way. In this paper, we examine the communication options, and account for a country's geography to propose optimal WiMax planning keeping in mind the security concerns that are inherent in wireless communication. To perform WiMax radio network planning, we use a network simulation tool from ATDI called ICS Telecom. Our approach offers all users a minimum bandwidth of 1.4 Mbps as well as a coverage that exceeds 90% for all indoor users in the area under study. We optimize the network by iteratively minimizing the number of base stations required, and equivalently minimizing the cost, while maximizing the coverage for the subscribers. We also analyze the impact of security on the performance of WiMax. More specifically, we use well-known simulation software called Qualnet to simulate a WiMax environment under different security protocols and encryption scenarios. We then analyze the results to determine the impact of the added security features on the data rates between the base station(s) subscribers. The results of our proposed WiMax planning approach and the conducted security experiments showed that efficient deployment and coverage plans could be achieved for big cities as well as for rural areas. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.