• reputation;
  • RECA;
  • key management;
  • hybrid PKI;
  • ad hoc networks


Common key management schemes are hard to deploy in ad hoc networks because of their infrastructure-less nature and dynamic topology. In this paper, we propose a hybrid key management architecture that is adapted for ad hoc networks. The proposed architecture is based on a clustering algorithm called RECA that we have designed for security purposes in ad hoc networks. RECA allows an efficient division of the network into clusters managed by trustworthy clusterheads that are supervised by a reputation system. The hybrid key management architecture exploits this division for scalability and availability of security services. It considers each clusterhead as a certification authority (CA) for its members and implements a totally distributed CA over only clusterheads. Simulations results show that the proposed solution enhances security services availability in comparison with existing solutions. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.