Enabling the provision of secure web based m-health services utilizing XML based security models



It has been generally agreed that the security of electronic patient records and generally e-health applications must meet or exceed the standard security that should be applied to paper medical records, yet the absence of clarity on the proper goals of protection has led to confusion. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate appropriate security mechanisms, which will help clinical professionals and patients discharge their ethical and legal responsibilities by selecting suitable systems and operating them safely and in short order. Thus, in this paper we propose a security model based on XML with the intention of developing a fast security policy mostly intended for mobile healthcare information systems. The proposed schema consists of a set of principles based on XML security models through the use of partial encryption, signature and integrity services and it was implemented by means of a web-based m-health application in a centralized three-tier architecture utilizing wireless networks environment. Several experiments took place with the aim of measuring the client response time implementing a number of m-health scenarios. The results showed that the response times required for the fulfilment of a client request with the XML security model are smaller compared to those corresponding to the conventional security mechanisms such as the application of SSL. By selectively applying confidentiality and integrity services either to the medical information as a whole or to some sensitive parts of it, the obtained results clearly demonstrate that XML security mechanisms overwhelm those of SSL and they are suitable for deployment in m-health applications. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.