• mobile security;
  • MTM;
  • trust chain;
  • trusted computing;
  • trust transition;
  • turing machine


Trust chain, which focuses on the security in trusted computing platform, is the key technology to ensure system security. Aiming to establish the trust chain for mobile terminals, this paper proposes a trusted turing machine to formally describe the trust transitive process and construct an efficient trust chain model during the system boot time and the run time. The model consists of the following two characteristics. First, the boot code and operating system image are stored in Root of Trusted Storage. This structure provides more safety, reliability, and efficiency than that proposed by Trusted Computing Group. Second, a resource-oriented protecting scheme is designed during the system run time. A process can access specific resources on the condition that it has been granted trust property by the related verifying program. In addition, we also develop a prototype of trusted mobile terminal systems. Results show that the system boot time is shortened by 5.2 s. In the meantime, the dynamic trusted mechanism executed during system run time can efficiently protect platform from malicious attack while it has little impact to system performance. The proposed model has the trust transitive property of the trust chain and can be applied to build a high efficiency trusted mobile terminal. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.