• sputtering yield;
  • layer-by-layer sputtering;
  • computer simulation;
  • grazing ion bombardment

The peculiarities of sputtering processes at low-energy Ne grazing ion bombardment of Si(001), SiC(001) and Cu3Au(001) surfaces and their possible application for the surface modification have been studied by computer simulation. Sputtering yields in the primary knock-on recoil atoms regime versus the initial energy of incident ions (0.5–5 keV) and angle of incidence (0–30°) with respect to the target surface have been calculated. It was shown that in the case of grazing ion bombardment, the layer-by-layer sputtering is possible, and its optimum is observed within the small angular range of the glancing angles near the threshold sputtering angle. Comparative studies of layer-by-layer sputtering for Si(001) and SiC(001) surfaces versus the initial energy of incident ions as well as an effective sputtering and sputtering threshold are discussed. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.