Statistics in Medicine

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20 May 2008

Volume 27, Issue 11

Pages 1801–2036

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    1. Generalizing from clinical trial data: A case study. The risk of suicidality among pediatric antidepressant users (pages 1801–1813)

      Joel B. Greenhouse, Eloise E. Kaizar, Kelly Kelleher, Howard Seltman and William Gardner

      Version of Record online: 1 APR 2008 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3218

    2. Mixed-effects Poisson regression analysis of adverse event reports: The relationship between antidepressants and suicide (pages 1814–1833)

      Robert D. Gibbons, Eisuke Segawa, George Karabatsos, Anup K. Amatya, Dulal K. Bhaumik, C. Hendricks Brown, Kush Kapur, Sue M. Marcus, Kwan Hur and J. John Mann

      Version of Record online: 10 APR 2008 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3241

    3. Latent transition analysis: Inference and estimation (pages 1834–1854)

      Hwan Chung, Stephanie T. Lanza and Eric Loken

      Version of Record online: 11 DEC 2007 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3130

    4. Meta-analysis of continuous outcomes combining individual patient data and aggregate data (pages 1870–1893)

      Richard D. Riley, Paul C. Lambert, Jan A. Staessen, Jiguang Wang, Francois Gueyffier, Lutgarde Thijs and Florent Boutitie

      Version of Record online: 11 DEC 2007 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3165

    5. Modeling intra-tumor protein expression heterogeneity in tissue microarray experiments (pages 1944–1959)

      Ronglai Shen, Debashis Ghosh and Jeremy M. G. Taylor

      Version of Record online: 26 FEB 2008 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3217

    6. The use of hierarchical models for estimating relative risks of individual genetic variants: An application to a study of melanoma (pages 1973–1992)

      Marinela Capanu, Irene Orlow, Marianne Berwick, Amanda J. Hummer, Duncan C. Thomas and Colin B. Begg

      Version of Record online: 12 MAR 2008 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3196

    7. Familial relationships of normal spine shape (pages 1993–2003)

      Ian L. Dryden, Neil Oxborrow and Robert Dickson

      Version of Record online: 2 JAN 2008 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3162

    8. A false-discovery-rate-based loss framework for selection of interactions (pages 2004–2021)

      Wei Chen, Debashis Ghosh, Trivellore E. Raghunathan and Daniel J. Sargent

      Version of Record online: 2 NOV 2007 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3118

    9. Sequentially testing for a gene–drug interaction in a genomewide analysis (pages 2022–2034)

      Patrick Kelly, Yinghui Zhou, John Whitehead, Nigel Stallard and Clive Bowman

      Version of Record online: 2 NOV 2007 | DOI: 10.1002/sim.3059

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