The stress profile: A psychosocial approach to measuring stress


  • Sven Setterlind PhD,

    Corresponding author
    1. Department of Education and Educational Research, University of Gothenbug, Sweden
    • Stress Management Center, Alstersgatan 10, S 654 61 Karlstad, Sweden. Tel +4643 18 06 50. Fax: +4654 15 32 80
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  • Gerry Larsson PhD

    1. The Centre for public Health Research, The County Council of Värmland, Sweden
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The Stress Profile is a psychosocial instrument for measuring stress in life in general and at work at the levels of the individual, the group and the organization. It has been tested and standardized on more than 4000 men and women. The present article outlines the design and the developmental stages of the Profile. It also describes its use at individual and company levels. The impact of the scientific development of behavioural medicine has greatly improved and extended the application of behavioural methods. The Stress Profile is based on this methodological and scientific development. It is a questionnaire consisting of 224 questions, 20 of which concern background variables and ten criteria. The remaining questions map a number of areas derived from current stress research. The data are computer processed and a graphic profile is produced. This presentation includes illustrations of results from Swedish companies, where the Stress Profile has been used.