Extracellular Biosynthesis of Bimetallic Au–Ag Alloy Nanoparticles


  • The authors thank Ms. Renu Pasricha and Dr. A. V. Mandale, Materials Chemistry Division, NCL, Pune, for assistance in TEM and XPS measurements, respectively. S.S. thanks the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India, for a research fellowship. Financial support from DBT, New Delhi, India is gratefully acknowledged.


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The exposure of a mixture of 1 mM HAuCl4 and 1 mM AgNO3 solutions to different amounts of fungal biomass (Fusarium oxysporum) results in the formation of highly stable Au–Ag alloy nanoparticles with dimensions of 8–14 nm depending on metal molar fraction (see image). The amount of cofactor NADH released by the F. oxysporum fungus plays an important role in controlling the composition of the alloy nanoparticles.