Efficient Anchoring of Silver Nanoparticles on N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes


  • This work was also sponsored by CONACYT-México grants: E-43662-F (D.D.), 45762 (H.T.), 45772 (M.T.), 41464-Inter American Collaboration (M.T.), 42428-Inter American Collaboration (H.T.), 2004-01-013/SALUD-CONACYT (M.T.), PUE-2004-CO2-9 Fondo Mixto de Puebla and PhD Scholarships (A.Z., J.A.R.M., A.L.E.). We also thank the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, DFG Grant No. Ru342/11-2, Nanocomp HPRN-CT-2000-00037 (F.L.) and NSF DMR-030342 (DJS) for financial support. The authors are also grateful to K. Hahn, D. Ramírez González, Grisel Ramírez Manzanares, and Lisette Noyola for technical assistance.


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Getting on the tube: A single-step method to attach silver nanoparticles on the surfaces of nitrogen-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes is described (as depicted in the picture). Ag nanoparticles (2–10 nm diameter) are synthesized by reduction of a Ag salt, and then mixed with the nanotubes in a technique that does not require acid treatment. Similar methods with undoped nanotubes yield less well-coated nanotubes. Interactions with solvent species are believed to play a role in the decoration mechanism.