Spherical Bioactive Glass with Enhanced Rates of Hydroxyapatite Deposition and Hemostatic Activity


  • This work was funded by the Office of Naval Research, ONR Awards N00014-04-1-0654 and N00014-06-1-0145, and made use of the MRL central facilities supported by the MRSEC Program of the National Science Foundation under Award No. DMR05-20415. TAO and QS contributed equally to this work. Supporting Information Available: Synthesis of mesoporous bioactive glass microspheres and cements, materials characterization including SEM, TEM, BET, and XRD. Thromboelastograph clotting parameters.


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High-surface-area mesoporous bioactive glass materials have been developed, which demonstrate accelerated deposition rates of hydroxyapatite when immersed in simulated body fluids. Also, a novel blood-clotting application for bioactive glass materials, composed of microspheres (see TEM image), has been designed. Both bone growth and blood clotting are surface dependent hence the effect of changing the shape of the glass particles on the in vitro deposition rate and hemostatic efficacy has been investigated.