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Highly Luminescent Cd1−xZnxSe/ZnS Core/Shell Nanocrystals Emitting in the Blue–Green Spectral Range


  • The authors thank Clémence Abadie for help with the experiments and Michaël Delalande for assistance with EDX analyses. The region Rhône Alpes is acknowledged for financial support in the frame of the project “Programme de recherche thématique de la Région Rhône Alpes: CANCER” 2003–05.


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Getting the green light: ZnS-coated Cd1−xZnxSe alloy nanocrystals are stable and efficient emitters, whose color can easily be tuned in the blue–green spectral range by changing the ratio of the metal precursors applied during synthesis. Incorporated into a polymer matrix, they can be used for the conversion of blue (see image, top) or UV (bottom) light to green light at 530 nm.

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