Synthesis of Cell-Laden Alginate Hollow Fibers Using Microfluidic Chips and Microvascularized Tissue-Engineering Applications


  • This study was supported by a grant from the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) (grant no. ROA-2007-000-20086-0) and the Korea Healthcare Technology R&D Project, Ministry for Health Welfare and Family Affairs, Republic of Korea (grant no. 0405-ER-01-0304-0001).


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Alginate-only, cell-laden, and protein-immobilized hollow fibers are produced (see image). Cells remain alive within the hollow fibers due to the nontoxic fabrication process. Vascular tissue can be emulated by embedding endothelial cells into the alginate hollow fibers and then embedding these cell-laden fibers into smooth-muscle-cell-laden AGF hydrogels.