Magnetic Nanoclusters for Ultrasensitive Magnetophoretic Assays


  • This research was supported by the Nano/Bio Science and Technology Program (2005-01291), Nano-Science & Technology Program (M10503000868-08M0300-86810), Pioneer Research Program for Converging Technology (M10711300001-08M1130-00110), WCU program (R31-2008-000-10071-0), Brain Korea 21 of MEST, and the Korea Health 21C R&D Project (A04-0041-B21004-08A5-00030B) of MIHWAF.


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Magnetic nanoclusters (MNCs) are developed and used for an ultrasensitive magnetophoretic assay system. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is used as a target analyte (see image). The deflection velocity of a microbead is well correlated with the PSA concentration, with a detection limit of 45 fg mL−1, and this value is three orders of magnitude higher than conventional ELISA. The developed assay format is expected to be effectively applied to the detection of a target analyte with low abundance.