Functionalization of Silicon Nanowires with Actomyosin Motor Protein for Bioinspired Nanomechanical Applications


  • This project is supported by the MEST-AFOSR NBIT program and the KOSEF grant (No. 2009-0079103). S.H. acknowledges the support from the System 2010 grant and the WCO program. H.J.C. acknowledges financial support from the National Research Laboratory program and Pioneer research program for converging technology.


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Silicon nanowires (Si-NWs) are functionalized with heavy meromyosin (HMM) and dispersed in aqueous solution. HMM-functionalized Si-NWs (see image) support the linear motion of actin filaments over 100-µm-long distances without any confining physical barrier. The ballistic nature of actomyosin motion on functionalized Si-NWs is qualitatively different from their diffusive motion on two-dimensional substrates.