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High-Throughput, Ultrafast Synthesis of Solution- Dispersed Graphene via a Facile Hydride Chemistry


  • We thank Dr. Paula Spencer and Dr. Charles Ye for help with Raman characterization. We also thank Myles Ikenbury and Dr. Keith Hohn for help with FTIR spectroscopy. We thank Dr. David Moore and Heather Shinogle for help with FESEM. V.B. thanks NSF (contract CMMI-0939523) and KSU for financial support.


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Sodium hydride's ability to convert graphene oxide (GO) to reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and deprotonate methanol to the methoxy ion is applied to the preparation of a stable RGO dispersion in methanol. The process is extremely fast with high yield and produces RGO with a high density of sp2 carbon atoms. RGO sheets (see image) are characterized electrically and spectroscopically.