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Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica Films: Key Components of Fiber-Optic-Based Heavy-Metal Sensors


  • The authors thank Dr. Jack Barnes (Queen's University) for technical support and helpful discussions, Chelsea Elliott (Queen's University) and Dr. Louise Weaver (University of New Brunswick) for microscopy work, Dr. Alexis Bourgeois (SOPRALAB, France) for ellipsometric porosimetry measurements, and ITF Labs (Montreal, Canada) for supplying LPGs for this research. NSERC is acknowledged for financial support of this work in terms of an operating grant to C.M.C., a CGS-D Award to J.D., and a PDF Award to J.C.-W.


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Thick, tetrasulfide-functionalized periodic mesoporous organosilica films are presented as chemically specific coatings on long-period grating (LPG)-inscribed fiber-optic waveguides for the direct, parts per billion (ppb)-level detection of Pb(II) species in solution.