Magnetic manipulation, fluorescent tracking, and localized delivery of a drug payload to cancer cells in vitro is demonstrated, using nanostructured porous silicon microparticles as a carrier. The multifunctional microparticles are prepared by electrochemical porosification of a silicon wafer in a hydrofluoric acid-containing electrolyte, followed by removal and fracture of the porous layer into particles using ultrasound. The intrinsically luminescent particles are loaded with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and the anti-cancer drug doxorubicin. The drug-containing particles are delivered to human cervical cancer (HeLa) cells in vitro, under the guidance of a magnetic field. The high concentration of particles in the proximity of the magnetic field results in a high concentration of drug being released in that region of the Petri dish, and localized cell death is confirmed by cellular viability assay (Calcein AM).