Data storage: A Graphene Nanoribbon Memory Cell (Small 24/2010)



The frontispiece image shows a graphene nanoribbon memory cell fabricated by patterning graphene into nanoribbons using V2O5 nanofibers as etching masks. A pronounced memory effect is observed under ambient conditions, which is attributed to charge traps in the vicinity of the nanoribbons. Reliable switching between two conductivity states is demonstrated for clock frequencies of up to 1 kHz and pulse durations as short as 500 ns (tested limits) for >107 cycles. The durable and stable memory cell can be rendered nonvolatile upon exclusion of oxygen and humidity. Graphene nanoribbons thus emerge as promising components of highly integrated memory arrays. For more information, please read the Communication “A Graphene Nanoribbon Memory Cell” by R. Sordan and co-workers, beginning on page 2821.

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